Mezuzot Beitecha

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Tefillin at Mezuzot Beitecha

Teffilin & Mezuzot

Whether you are after Mezuzot or Teffilin, we supply a wide range of sizes and different standards of quality and hidur. At Mezuzot Beitecha, we follow the stringent Kashrut guidelines of the Vaad Kedushas Hastam.

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Megilot at Mezuzot Beitecha


The Megilla is one of the traditional gifts many give to a Groom. Whether you want to gift one to someone, or treat yourself. If you want it decorated with artwork or just enjoy the beauty of the words on their own. Let us know and we will have one made just for you.

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Torah Scrolls

Torah Scrolls Have long been something people have dedicated to commemorate a major milestone, or in memory of a loved one. At Mezuzot Beitecha we can source you a refurbished or brand new Sefer Torah.

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